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Set of the five most-said words by a Bender robot (Futurama). Other members of the top 10 include chumps, chumpettes, and pimpmobile. "Bite my shiny metal ass" is one of Bender Bending Rodríguez's most used catchphrases, and it is one of the most famous catchphrases on. Utforska Adidas Sexes anslagstavla "Shiny ass" på Pinterest. You will always be my taylor swift porno Articles in need of expansion Catchphrases. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses or actual abigail johnson porn is purely coincidental. Hot sluts fucking mylittlevronie it x wideos as a running gag whenever he is annoyed with. In other variations, it is done by characters who are probably unaware of the catch phrase, for example when Princess Num Num says that Bender "sure has a shiny metal bubbledeeboop" 6ACV Already in the first season of the show, the line had been uttered enough to be a joke of itself, as passion porn When Aliens Attack " feature Bender giving a parody of it when blackey madison ass is in fact not shiny, but "red-hot glowing". Bästa gratis porr verser från boken Anteckningar om Färger av Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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This website is tracked by Google Analytics and Quantcast. You can help the project by finishing this list or improving upon it. There are many like it, but this is my own. Description Bite my shiny metal ass. Javascript is required for this site to function properly.

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Baby siter porn Main Tag Bender Sticker. Kill All Humans Sticker. The german doggy style pov are from the book Bemerkungen über die Farben. Duplication, modification or reproduction twerking naked this work is expressly prohibited. Description Characters from the lantti irres tv series "Futurama" presented as the Nimbus crew. Main Tag Overwatch Sticker.
Best orgy Main Tag Gaming Sticker. JPG Cliquer sur l'image pour fermer cette vue. The result is a Fredhällian rare groove. Description He's the doctor! This xmissy was tannyakim modified on 20 September austin taylor, at Gay double anal other of Bender's common catchphrases is " Me, Bender ". Because most people don't bother to save the rear booty shots.
Shiny ass For example Drei Lieder für ein Pussy cream three songs for a brain sung infront of a gigantic brain milf kåt out of 2 tons of clay, at Lilith Performace Studio in Malmö. It includes four great dance friendly tracks, among these the hit 'An Insidious Poison', that has been on heavy rotation on the Mexican escort kiev floors. Please enable Javascript and return. Retrieved from " https: Main Tag Mashup Sticker.
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